Calendar view to show month by month overview of bookings and events

Diary view to show timed list for each day

Allocate resources to an event and pre-book individual resources

Seat Allocation

Internet bookings

Enquiries with rapid conversion to booking

Fast retrieval of bookings


MStore Diary and Bookings

Bookings for admission tickets, events, etc

MStore Diary and Bookings allows bookings to be processed for anything from a simple day admission ticket to a complex group event including all of the resources associated with the event.

Large scale events such as theatre type presentations, seminars etc will be able to have seating layouts planned and allow individual seats to be booked.

At the other end of the scale, individual resources can be booked in isolation such as a wheel chair or a care assistant for disabled visitors.

Enquiries can be recorded and then converted to bookings when they are later confirmed.

Online bookings and pre-payments can be processed and invoices can be produced for account customers. Deposits and full payment in advance can be recorded.

On arrival, the booking can be quickly retrieved and group tickets printed if required.

Internet Bookings have become a way of life with fast track admission being one of the major benefits for both the customer and the venue.

MStore contains all of the safeguards to prevent fraud with bar coded acknowledgements and secure credit card payments.

Easy to read Diary Pages with 'drill down' - from the month view shown here - to get to the week, day and time



Multiple calendars can be used to control availabilty and pricing.