Secure cash management and till control

Shift changes, spot checks, cash lift, cash drop and float management

Multiple cash drawers per till

Cash up at the till or in the back office

Strict control of cash vouchers

Full audit trail

Integrated Cash Office module for the larger organization:-

Multiple cash offices

Multiple repositories

Itemised cash movements


Financial reporting


MStore Cash Management

Cash - the life blood of any business

MStore cash management delivers daily till control for floats, cash lifts, cash drop, X and Z reads, blind cashing up, split shift, and multiple cash drawers per till.

All till information can be viewed in real time in the back office.

For the larger organization, a comprehensive cash management module which is integrated with the till management system is also available to control all internal and external cash movements into and out of multiple cash offices.

In addition to a range of reports, the system will output consolidated or detailed financial information to Excel spreadsheets.

You can keep control of all cash in the business wherever it is taken or stored ie vending machines, ATMs, cash taken in bags or tin box etc.

Adjustments can be made after cashing up a till, until the till is finalised, when the details will be locked to prevent further changes.



Till Floats are pre-defined for each till to speed up start and end of day, although these can be overridden if required.

Till Cash Up Screen in the back office, contains pop up windows to allow optional detail to be entered when required.

Blind cash up allows true variance to be obtained.


A Range of Financial Reports are produced by the system with options to extract data to spreadsheets for further analysis.