Merac - The Company

Merac was established by a group of highly experienced Retail IT professionals in order to fill a gap in the market.

Our objective was to deliver the same competitive advantage that large leisure operators enjoy, within a fairly priced package.

By producing a system with such a high degree of flexibility, and yet incorporating the ‘fail safe' protection enjoyed by the corporate market, we believe we have achieved that objective.

Merac is a forward looking company driven by a wealth of experience. The senior members of staff have an extensive knowledge of the retail industry, and have worked with many of the major retailers in the UK - household names like M&S, Monsoon, Matalan, Perfume Shop, Jewson and many more.

The technical team at Merac have also been responsible for many high profile and mission critical systems including an innovative windows leisure system used by over 400 sports and recreation centres throughout the UK. In addition, they have been involved with a retail system installed in over 500 locations, and a medical system used by over 1000 doctors.

We have used this extensive experience to include many of the features demanded by these ‘Blue Chip' organisations, such as scalability, ‘server and network down' resilience, rapid recovery routines for the POS in the event of hardware failure, remote diagnostics and software upgrades, head office, region and branch hierarchy control where required.

Our experience of a wide range of operating systems and development tools has also enabled us to select the right tools with which to develop MStore. Industry standard tools such as Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Server have been used to ensure that the system remains at the forefront of technology.

Two of our directors have jointly over 50 years experience in IT and have worked together for the last 13 years.

This experience has enabled us to create an innovative and industry leading portfolio of software.