Fast track admissions

Reliable and fault tolerant

Fast retrieval of group and individual bookings

Tickets and wrist bands

Display customer photograph on the POS screen

Capacity Control

Touch screen functionality

User definable

Up to the minute information

Supplied as complete system or option to re-use existing equipment

MStore Admissions

The last thing you need is an unhappy customer even before they come through the gate.

MStore admission control has been designed for speed, simplicity, security and reliability in an extremely demanding environment - essential at peak times. Using integrated credit Card processing, a typical transaction can be completed in a matter of seconds.

Fully configurable touch screens, smart card readers, bar code scanners and mobile handheld devices all help to make the system easy to operate (and quick to learn).

Reliability is key and MStore admissions will continue to work even if the server or network fails for any reason.

Visitor information can be viewed in ‘real time' in the back office (or at head office) to allow capacity control and to provide instant analysis of takings and footfall analysis with comparisons to same time last year.

Powerful admission control rules cut down fraud and secure the site. Admission is validated against an extensive series of rules, including valid promotions, calendars, ticket re-use, cancelled coupons, and the use of photo identification (MStore uses plain encoded mag stripe cards for membership and loyalty schemes and stores all the customers details plus photo on the system for validation at the admissions point)

Price changes, promotions, bookings, membership enquiries and bulletins etc are instantly available at the admissions point.

MStore adapts to your environment, covering all types of access requirement from validating tickets and passes at multiple entry points to coded wrist bands allowing internal access to specific rides and attractions.

Details of pre-booked guests or groups entered at the customer services desks, taken by phone or entered via the internet are automatically available at all of the admissions tills. Online bookings and pre-payments can be processed and invoices can be produced for account customers. Deposits and full payment in advance can be recorded.

On arrival, the booking can be quickly retrieved and group tickets printed if required.

'Gated' and 'Open Park' access - where customers have free entry to the site but pay per attraction, can both be controlled with MStore.

Real Time Control - View the performance of the admission gates with footfall and takings shown for each admission till.

Shut down admission points from the back office to control capacity.