Chip and Pin Devices

The Verifone Dione Secura pin pad is a highly secure, easy to use PIN pad that features both magstripe and EMV smart card readers.

The Secura PIN pad has a backlit graphical display for easy viewing, large tactile keys that are also backlit and an illuminated smart card entry slot. The Secura has a privacy shield for added security, it's tamper-responsive, and molded rubber grips keep it securely in hand

High Security PIN entry device
EMV 4.0 with illuminated card slotIntegral privacy shield
Low profile with rubber feet
VISA PED Certified
ZKA, Interpay and Common Criteria EAL 4 approved
CE approved
Specification 32 bit processor running Dione's multiapplication Xrea-C interpreter
3 x SAM slots
2MB memory
Real time Clock
Backlit LCD screen 132 x 64 pixel resolution.
Interface Serial
Dimensions W230mm x D174mm x H124mm.
Warranty 1year RTB as standard, On site support available.





The Verifone Dione Xplorer portable wireless pin pad uses Bluetooth wireless technology to provide secure card payment at the table or in the queue.

The Xplorer combines advanced payment technology with maximum convenience in a lightweight, robust solution. Its compact design fits neatly in hand and accepts multi-application smart cards as well as magnetic stripe credit and debit transactions.

Mobile Chip and PIN payment terminal
Bluetooth™ enabled
Used either via the Base station or a mobile phone
VISA PED approved
Battery powered
Supplied with charger cradle and base station
Connecting base station can be RS232 or LAN connectivity
Specification 32 bit Processor running Dione's multi-application Xtra-C interpreter
3 x SAM interfaces in battery pack recess
2MB memory
Realtime clock
Backlit LCD screen 132 x 64 pixel resolution
Backlit keyboard
Track 1 & 2, or 2 & 3 mag stripe
EMV 4.0 chip card reader with illuminated card entry slot
Removeable rechargeable battery pack
Class I Bluetooth™ wireless technology 100m range
Fast thernal printer with easy load mechanism
Integrated temper responsive security module
Intellegent battery management to prolong battery life
Carrying holster available and extra power packs
Dimensions W95mm x D195mm x H60mm
Warranty 1year RTB as standard, On site support available.