Merac Kiosk Systems

Easy to use touch screen kiosk units

Merac Kiosk Systems are designed to provide self service ticketing and customer operated questionaires to be run on stand alone touch screen units.

Ticketing kiosks, similar to the unit shown here, can be free standing or built into a wall in the same way as a cash dispenser. These units are fully configurable with numerous options including chip and pin, coins, notes, tokens, magnetic cards, bar code scanning etc with receipt printing and ticket printing.

Merac also supply kiosks specifically for gathering marketing information. These can be linked to the MStore EPoS system or can be provided as a completely free standing system. The latter have been used in the outpatient departments of local hospitals where they have proved their effectiveness in a very demanding environment where patients of all ages are expected to use the kiosks to record details about their condition using Merac's questionaire systems.