Reliable and fast touch screen EPOS

Simple to operate

Tills carry on working even if server or network are down

Comprehensive pricing and promotions management

Multi-buys, BOGOFs

Overlapping promotions triggered by date and time

Automatically change prices during promotions

Multiple payment types per transaction

Vouchers and coupons

Search for sale items

Check stock levels and on-order status

Integrated EFT for credit /debit card payments

Customer Accounts

User definable receipts

Full Audit trail


MStore Retail

MStore Retail is a highly configurable multi-location Electronic Point of Sale system designed for small to medium sized retailers operating from 1 to 100 outlets - which makes it ideal for most 'in park' retail operations who will usually operate several gift shops, souvenier shops etc.

In line with the other MStore EPOS modules, the retail function has been designed for speed, simplicity, security and reliability in a demanding environment. Using integrated credit Card processing, a typical transaction can be completed in seconds.

The Retail module - in line with all of the MStore modules has reliability and simplicity at its heart with fully configurable and stand alone resilience in the event of server or network failure.

MStore Retail can be used as a stand alone system to manage a purely retail environment or can be integrated with the any or all of the MStore products to cope with the multi faceted requirements of the most demanding visitor attraction.

The module enables the sales of items by bar code, PLU and item group, allows the capture of customer data and allows complex pricing and discount policies to be applied. Selected back office information can be accessed from the till ie stock status, stock availability etc.

MStore Retail has a comprehensive promotions module that copes with complicated multi buy and basket type promotions as well as the usual discount and price based promotions.

Discounts can be applied on a per item basis or for the entire transaction.

Price updates, new stock lines etc can be updated to the till as they happen (or delayed until later if required)

Data is passed to the powerful back office database where complex reports can be produced from the reporting and marketing modules. The back office module contains full stock control and purchasing and a comprehensive customer relationship management module to enable targeted marketing and loyalty schemes to be operated.

Secure Credit Card Payments are handled using the latest chip and pin devices.

Changing from the old PDQ devices will also offer significant savings in rental fees and telephone costs.


Extensive Range of Reports with export facilities to Excel for further analysis